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Find out more about Black Line

Find out more about Black Line

Root Pouch Black Line: Our strongest mixed natural fiber container.

Root Pouch has long been a leader in making fabric pots. The "Black" series is special because it's a unique blend of natural fibers with PET. Over time, we've made other types, but none match the Black series. This series has the heaviest weight per square meter of all our products. It's perfect for growers with plants above ground or in soil.


Black Line strongest mixed natural fiber container

Why choose the Black series?

If you grow trees, palms, or are tired of bamboo roots breaking your plastic pots, this is for you. Also, if you like big pots but still want natural fibers, the Black series was made with you in mind.

Heaviest fabric density: 260 g/m2

Out of all Root Pouch pots, the Black series stands out. It has a heavy weight of 260 g/m2. This shows its strength and how long it lasts. It gives the best conditions for plants to grow for many years.

Pots that help plants grow.

The Black series is popular with tree growers. They can leave plants in soil for up to 5 years. Whether you have pine trees in the Northwest or palms in the Southeast, these pots set new standards. They save water, protect roots, and give customers better plants.

Better productivity with Root Pouch Black.

Even above ground, Black series pots are a top choice. They spread water evenly, thermally insulates the root mass, and have good root shapes. Strong handles, thicker fabric, and natural fibers mean the Black pot isn't just stronger – it's also more productive.

Root Pouch Black Line

Easy to move and replant due to strong pot design.

The Black series has our heaviest mix of natural fibers. This means a thick, fibrous root ball, ready for moving even after 5 years in soil. With everything in a Root Pouch, moving big soil-grown plants is easier, quicker, and safer for roots. Bigger models have extra handles to help.

Looking for a big, long-lasting but eco-friendly pot?

If you use big pots but want natural fibers, the Black series is perfect. It has the strength of big containers but with the eco-benefits of natural fibers.

Perfect for every plant and application

Root Pouch Black pots are great in or above the soil. Their unique design fits many places, like gardens, greenhouses, or balconies. They're perfect for any grower, no matter their type of plants.

Combining Recycled and Natural Fibers in Root Pouch Black

The Root Pouch Black plant pots are a unique blend of green innovation and tradition. Made from recycled fibers, mainly from recovered PET bottles, mixed with natural fibers, these pots offer both the durability of recycled fibers and the benefits of natural ones, such as air and water retention. They address the market's growing demand for products that are green and functional. Using recycled materials not only reduces waste but also saves natural resources. Plus, the addition of natural fibers makes the pots more plant-friendly, promoting healthier growth.


Durability without compromise.

The Black series pots are designed to last up to 5 years in the ground, maintaining their structure and benefits. For above-ground cultivation, they last even longer, making them a long-term investment. With Root Pouch Black, you can trust your plants have the best growth conditions for years.

Safe and non-toxic.

Root Pouch Black pots are free from harmful substances. Made from natural and recycled materials, they're safe for plants and the environment. So, growers can rest assured no harmful chemicals will enter the soil, ensuring healthy plant growth.

Lasts longer in all conditions: up to 8 years of use

The Root Pouch Black is designed for long-term performance. For in-ground cultivation, it retains its qualities for 4-5 years. For above-ground use, its lifespan extends to 7-8 years. A lasting benefit for your investment.

Water Wicking system for even water distribution.

One of the key features of the Root Pouch Black is the "Water Wicking" system, ensuring optimal plant hydration. This ensures water spreads evenly, providing consistent moisture without overwatering or drying out.

Root Pruning - roots adapt to the Pouch

The Root Pouch Black also boasts "Root Pruning" capabilities. Thanks to the fabric structure, when plant roots reach the pot's outer walls, they adapt, leading to the growth of healthier, fibrous roots. This prevents root coiling and promotes better plant development.

Quality guaranteed in the way Root Pouch is sewn.

The lasting durability of Root Pouch pots hinges on a special stitch called the Industrial Lock Stitch. This type of stitching, widely used in outdoor products, ensures it won't fall apart, even under stress. The side seams, known in fashion as the French Stitch Seam, are a testament to their durability. With such sewing techniques, Root Pouch pots are functional and reliable, even outdoors.

Root Pouch's weather resilience for ice and snow.

Root Pouch material doesn't degrade from snow and ice more than traditional plastic pots. Importantly, plants in Root Pouch fabric pots fare better in extreme cold compared to other pots. To illustrate, think about what protects you better in cold weather: plastic bands or layers of fabric? Similarly, Root Pouch pots effectively retain the plants' heat, allowing them to survive comfortably in winter and summer. When these pots are placed side by side, they exchange heat, creating a microclimate. However, remember that snow and ice's weight can damage plants, regardless of the pot or natural growth environment.

root pouch snow and ice