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Root Pouch Charcoal pots are the perfect solution for growers who prefer indoor and hydroponic cultivation. Designed from a thin fabric with a weight of 150 g/m2, made up of recycled and a higher amount of natural fibers, they provide plants with excellent access to oxygen, as well as proper water retention and drainage. Moreover, they are characterized by UV resistance, lack of toxic substances, and BPA. These single-use pots guarantee exceptional yields while helping to manage the costs of cultivation, which will be especially appreciated by professional growers.

Main features of Charcoal line:

  • Material thickness of 150 g/m2.
  • An optimal usage period of 18 to 24 months, allowing growers to maximize their investment.
  • Lightweight fabric tailored for indoor and sheltered cultivation.
  • Provides a breathable environment for roots, promoting healthy growth.
  • Made 100% from recycled and natural fibers.
  • Designed for one-time use.

Root Pouch Charcoal is lightweight fabric pot designed for hydroponic and indoor growing plants

Root Pouch pots represent a modern standard in plant cultivation, with the Charcoal line particularly standing out for its specifics. Mainly intended for indoor and hydroponic cultivation, Charcoal pots are characterized by thin fibers that perfectly supply oxygen to the plant roots. Thanks to an increased amount of natural fibers, they provide optimal water retention and effective drainage, which is key for the intense and healthy growth of plants. Additionally, their resistance to UV radiation, lack of BPA, and being made from recycled materials make the Root Pouch Charcoal not only functional but also an environmentally-friendly choice for growers.

Benefits of using Root Pouch fabric pots:

  • Healthy root development: Root Pouch pots effectively prevent root tangling, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Thermal insulation: Thanks to the special material, plants are shielded from both the extreme cold of winter and the heat of summer.
  • Optimal circulation and nourishment: The pot's design allows better airflow and more efficient nutrient absorption by the roots.
  • Easier plant transplanting: The pot's structure minimizes plant stress during transplantation, which is crucial for its continued healthy growth.
  • Larger yields: By promoting healthy root development, Root Pouch pots contribute to achieving larger and more abundant harvests.