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Thin Black

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Root Pouch's Thin Black, designed for professionals, is an excellent choice for young plants, especially clones, seedlings, and cuttings. Its primary blend of natural fibers combined with an ultra-thin recycled fabric of density only 90 g/m2 ensures optimal root health, air circulation, and nutrient absorption. 


Main features of Thin Black line:

  • Natural Fiber Blend: Primarily made from natural fibers, ensuring optimal root health.
  • Material Thickness: At only 90 g/m2, making it the thinnest of all Root Pouch pots.
  • Ultra-Thin Fabric: Guarantees excellent air circulation and nutrient absorption.
  • Easier Transplanting: The design allows for direct transplantation without removing the pouch.
  • Prevents Root Circling: Ensures healthy root growth without tangling.
  • Increased Survivability: Provides young plants with the best possible growth environment.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers long-term benefits, ensuring a faster and more vigorous start for plants.

Ultra-Thin biodegradable fabric pots designed for young plants, seedlings and clonings 

Root Pouch's Thin Black represents a cutting-edge innovation in the realm of fabric plant containers. Designed specifically for the demanding needs of young plants, seedlings, and clones, this ultra-thin yet robust fabric ensures optimal root health, superior air circulation, and efficient nutrient absorption. Merging sustainable recycled fibers with natural materials, Thin Black not only offers an environmentally conscious choice but also stands out for its unique ability to promote early growth and simplify transplanting processes. As with all Root Pouch products, an emphasis on quality, durability, and eco-friendliness places Thin Black a step ahead in the crowded market of fabric pots.

Benefits of using Root Pouch fabric pots:

  • Healthy root development: Root Pouch pots effectively prevent root tangling, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Thermal insulation: Thanks to the special material, plants are shielded from both the cold of winter and the heat of summer.
  • Optimal circulation and nourishment: The pot's design allows better airflow and more efficient nutrient absorption by the roots.
  • Easier plant transplanting: The pot's structure minimizes plant stress during transplantation, which is crucial for its continued healthy growth.
  • Larger yields: By promoting healthy root development, Root Pouch pots contribute to achieving larger and more abundant harvests.