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Root pouch pots, see the difference in performance

Using Root pouch you do not need to change anything, keep your soil, nutrients and style of growing. Just change the pot to Root pouch and enjoy the difference 

Root pouch has proven its performance in many conditions and plant types for many years. Our brand is proud to cooperate with the biggest plant nurseries in the USA, providing real advantage over the competition. 

You might think why not use a cheaper alternative grow bag? Root pouch was first in the industry and over years of operating many imitators appeared with cheap fakes. We promise that the original root pouch will over perform any alternative bag pot

Our product was built and improved during many years of growing experiences. We keep our production technology top secret and promise our product will deliver the best results !

Do not trust our words, see the difference on your own:

Root pouch pots offer a unique alternative to traditional plastic for growing plants. Their design can significantly affect plant growth and performance in several ways:

  • Prevention of Root Circling: In traditional pots, roots can become congested and circle around the pot, leading to 'root-bound' plants. Root circling is an energy consuming, unwanted and unhealthy phenomenon,  If not stopped eventually it will cause plants to suffocate.  Root pouches mitigate this issue, promoting a healthier root structure.
  • Improved Air Pruning: Unlike traditional pots, root pouches promote air pruning. When roots reach the fabric's edge, they are exposed to air, causing the tips to dehydrate and die. This process encourages the plant to produce more roots, leading to a healthier, denser root system.
  • Better Temperature Control: Fabric pots allow for more air circulation around the root zone. This can help keep roots cooler in hot weather and can also protect them from rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • Improved Drainage: Root pouch offers better drainage than traditional pots, reducing the risk of waterlogging and associated root diseases.
  • Portability and Storage: Root pouch pots are lightweight and easy to move. They are also foldable, making them convenient to store when not in use.
  • Environmental Benefits: All of the root pouch pots are made from recycled materials and are partially biodegradable, making them a more sustainable option compared to plastic pots.