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Growing in the ground using root pouch material pots

Growing in the ground using root pouch material pots

Once a while you may encounter the technique of burying plants planted in material pots in the ground.This technique may raise many questions, after all, a pot buried in the ground will waste away and the roots of the plant will penetrate it, you might ask why to do so?

Despite to appearances, there are many benefits of this approach. Yes, after burying a pot for a long time with a growing plant inside, it will not be suitable for re-use. Some of the roots will penetrate the pot, which will make the bag unusable, but most of the roots will not penetrate outside, around the inside bag roots the plant will form a nodule (or small bump) containing sugars and carbohydrates. 

Once the roots on the outside of the bag are cut and the bag removed this will release these nodules to explode into new vigorous growth once the plant is re-planted into either a larger pot or in the landscape.

This is why there survival rate is 100% and when replanted into the environment the roots will grow out in a massive lateral growth anchoring the plant in the ground for a healthy thriving plant, not for a few seasons but for decades.